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Planned and Preventative Heavy Vehicle Maintenance

A heavy vehicle maintenance technician maintains and repairs large machines and industrial equipment, both towed and self-propelled, used in mining, forestry, agriculture, landscaping, material handling, transportation, and more. The technician needs be able to take preventative maintenance measures and regularly repair the inner combustion engines and components, as well as on-highway and off-highway vehicles, both motorised and towed; tracked and rubber-tired equipment; ground-engaging equipment; and earth-moving equipment. Maintenance and repair can involve individual components or entire systems, requiring the technician to have skill with engines, hydraulics, electronics, braking systems, and much more. The technician must utilise specific tools to diagnose functions, make alterations, repair or replace faulty components or systems, examine repairs for adequate performance, understand instructions in technical manuals, compile service reports, and certify that the work meets the manufacturers’ specifications and the requirements of legislation. The technician is frequently the link between the employer, the customer, and the manufacturer. This experience can allow the technician to advance to senior roles such as trainer, supervisor, or manager. Although technicians typically specialises in certain machines or equipment, either by choice or due to employment, the diversity of heavy equipment, along with swift changes in technology, require extensive knowledge and adaptability. Technicians should also be able to work alone or as part of a team, at a variety of hours, and in an employer’s shop, a customer’s building, or outdoors in urban or rural locations, regardless of weather. Machines often require quick intervention to enable interrupted activity to resume. Preventive maintenance is a vital part of facilities management. The aim of a successful preventive maintenance program is to institute consistent practices designed to enhance the performance and safety of the equipment on your property. Furthermore, the planned maintenance of equipment will aid in improving equipment lifespan and prevent any unplanned maintenance activity.  A successful preventive maintenance program is dependent on the cooperation of all the parties involved.  Engineering managers must rely on the knowledge, experience, and contributions of all the maintenance personnel at the property. Regrettably, the employment of a preventive maintenance program may be time consuming and costly.  This raises constant debate as to whether a preventive maintenance program is worth installing.  Will all the man hours and money spent in the program overshadow emergency repairs? From our years of experience, we believe that when the program is properly operated the benefits exceed the costs. Here are a few important benefits of a properly functioning preventive maintenance program:
  • Equipment downtime is decreased and the number of major repairs are reduced
  • Better conservation of assets and increased life expectancy of assets, thus eliminating untimely replacement of machinery and equipment
  • Reduced overtime costs and more economical use of maintenance workers due to working on a scheduled basis instead of a crash basis to repair breakdowns
  • Timely, routine repairs prevent fewer large-scale repairs
  • Improved safety and quality conditions for everyone
The work is most rewarding for those who enjoy working with their hands and are logical, curious and interested in problem solving. The technician also needs good vision, hearing, and sense of smell to diagnose problems. The occupation requires strength and stamina. Proper safety standards must be maintained at all times to avoid risk of injury involved in working on heavy equipment and with power tools.   Since Brakecore’s inception in 1983, the company has developed into one of South Africa’s premier suppliers to the agriculture, transport, industrial, marine, underground mining, and opencast mining, and earth-moving and OEM sectors as well. The Brakecore mission is to continuously strive to provide our customers with the best possible quality and service at acceptable prices, and to keep on pursuing the possibilities of bettering these goals. Brakecore have over the years assembled a team of highly talented employees, who share a commitment to customers’ responsiveness and operational excellence: It is therefore our belief that encouraging and striving for excellence is through quality leadership. Brakecore have fully equipped workshops and repair divisions covering an area of over 2000 square meters.  With qualified personnel on a 24 hour basis in order for us to be able to carry out any repair, breakdown, or modification necessary to almost any vehicle or product.  Two fully equipped field service vehicles on stand-by 24 hours to assist with any breakdown. Maintenance programs are in place to maintain 100% efficiency of all machinery.  All gauges and measuring equipment are calibrated to maintain 100% accuracy.