The Importance of Automotive Diagnosis

You would think that all a vehicle tech would need to do is plug your car into the diagnostic scanner and they would know exactly what the problem is right? No, just simply plugging in an automotive diagnostic scanner into your car or truck and reading codes is not all there is to accurately diagnosing a engine problem. We feel you shouldn’t be charged for this procedure either! Other courses of action to find a problem or failure which require test equipment and time can be chargeable services though. The more knowledgeable the tech is and the better equipped the shop is for diagnosing, the less it will cost you.  Misdiagnosis and just randomly replacing parts will cost big time.  The automatic transmission specialist is the most highly skilled technologically.  His knowledge and skill are above every other tech’s.  His diagnostic tools are better because the automatic transmission demands it, as it is the most complicated part of your vehicle.  The transmission relies on many other systems so the tech must be able to evaluate these systems as well.  A difficult drive-ability or drive train problem will, in most cases, be solved by a transmission tech. Leaks Your vehicle whether new or antique uses at least 8 types of fluid.  Engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, gear oil, gasoline and window washing fluid.  Every one of these systems has hoses, gaskets, seals and warped metal surfaces.  All of these will leak fluids eventually. Noise Noises can drive the car owner crazy with worry.  Noises are probably the most misdiagnosed problems.  More labour hours and money have been wasted hunting down a noise.  The most common reason is that squeaks and rattles telescope sound.  The problem may be located in one spot, the resulting sound may appear in another.  Only a savvy tech can solve this problem with the least amount of time and expense. Electrical These failures are now more prevalent because most everything on vehicles is either controlled by or operating on current.  The car’s computer and a smart tech with an up-to-date scanner will be able to find the problem. Mechanical Failure Most mechanical diagnoses require dis-assembly to determine the extent of damage.  Internal failures in engines, transmissions, brakes, power door windows, steering and suspension can be expensive to repair or replace.  A precise diagnosis is even more critical here, to prevent extra labour time.   When it’s time for to diagnose your engine problem or transmission problem, trust the experts at Brakecore Supply. the Company has developed into one of South Africa’s premier suppliers to the Agriculture, Transport, Industrial, Marine, Underground Mining, Opencast Mining. Earth-moving and OEM Sectors. Mobility is a vital part of both modern life and the Brakecore success story. Irrespective of whether on road, rail, sea, on the highway or off the highway. Brakecore Supply offers affordable auto repair services in South Africa and neighbouring countries. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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