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The Advantages of Using Fail-Safe Braking Systems on your Fleet

Fail-safe brakes (also called Sealed Integrated Braking Systems) are an integral component for vehicles and machines in many industries. They provide heavy-duty stopping power, greater integrity and safer operation for your vehicles and fleet, and is one of the only products out there that does this with turnkey functionality. But what are fail-safe brakes? How do they work and why should your company’s fleet be fitted with them as soon as possible? Find out more here… What are Fail-Safe Brakes? In fail-safe brakes, multiple brake disks are hydraulically released whenever the brakes are applied, while the entire system is integrated with the drive train of the vehicle. This means that even in the event that the brakes should fail, one of the multiple brake pads will still allow the vehicle to stop, and to be held in position. This points to a few obvious benefits with regards to fleet and personnel safety; but let’s have a look at some of the other top advantages of using fail-safe brakes. They Last Longer than Any Other Solution Fail safe brakes and their simplistic, multi-pad design ensure that the component enjoys a longer lifespan than other stopping solutions. In fact, fail-safe brakes have been known to outlive the vehicles that they are fitted to, which means that aside from lasting longer, they can also be reused on other vehicles if they are looked after properly. They Reduce Maintenance Costs Another advantage to the lengthened lifespan of fail-safe brakes is that you will likely end up spending far less on maintenance, repairs and replacements in the long run; since these components have been designed to work on rough and rugged terrain, for incredibly long periods of time. They are Very Tough Fail safe brakes have a holding capacity of over 2.6 times that of other braking solutions making it very well suited to extremely tough environments. This coupled with their re-usability and durability, make them a solution that provides excellent value for money. Easy to Work With The simplistic design of fail-safe brake systems means that any experienced technician with the right tools will be able to work on them. This is true for instances where they need to be installed, adjusted, maintained, removed or repaired. Contact Brakecore Supply for Details If you would like to learn more about how our team of technicians can supply you with, install or maintain the fail-safe brakes on your company’s fleet, contact a representative from Brakecore Supply Co. today, or visit our website for further details on our products and services. We are waiting for your call.