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What Is Sealed Integrated Braking System (SIBS®)

The Sealed Integrated Braking System (SIBS®) is a distinctive world-class product leading the way in brake equipment. SIBS® is a fully enclosed, single-rotor, high speed ‘wet’ disc brake that has better dependability than standard brakes and operates in the severest of conditions with virtually no need for maintenance or overhauling. Developed through widespread research and patented globally, SIBS® brakes provide unequaled dependability in any situation. SIBS® are specially designed to protect you, your machinery and our environment. SIBS® brakes increase your output by removing periods of extended downtime while the brakes are being serviced. As SIBS® brakes are fully enclosed, they produce no dangerous emissions and are the most environmentally friendly brakes on the market. SIBS® brakes are currently available for many on-road/off-road light commercial vehicles. Highly flexible, SIBS® can be fitted (or retrofitted) to any braked application, large or small, automotive or industrial. The manufacturing of SIBS® is simple: The brake caliper, providing the braking force, is extended to enclose the disc. This makes up the casing. The housing is divided around the disc into inner and outer portions. The inner housing is attached to the axle end. The pads, disc, and hub are fitted; and the outer housing is fitted to complete the assemblage and enclose the brake components. At this point, SIBS® cooling fluid is added into the casing. SIBS® cooling fluid is a specifically selected oil which offers a path to conduct the heat from the brake disc to the housing. This allows the heat to then be rejected from the housing to the surrounding air, guiding the working temperature of the system.   Brakecore Visit us today at Brakecore and let our industry specialists use their expertise to advise you on this fail-safe system.

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