The Benefits of Sealed Integrated Braking Systems

Industrial processes and their machines and vehicles have very specific requirements, and are put under considerable pressure. When these requirements are not met, it could lead to a host of problems ranging from machine damage and downtime to safety disasters and mishaps. There is never a good excuse to operate specialised machinery or vehicles without adequate fail-safe systems, and as such, it is worth your while to know how certain systems can benefit you. So let’s chat about sealed integrated braking systems (SIBS), and how they can give you more protection, reliability and functionality; straight from the mouth of brake pad specialists in South Africa.

Zero-Emissions During Operation

Thanks to their zero-emission operations, SIBS can be used in a range of environments, whether it be on the road, off of it, or even underground during mining operations. This makes it a particularly safe option for confined spaces, the type often found in industrial setups. They are fully sealed to hamper the production of emissions, making them remarkably sustainable for the environment.

A More Reliable Safety Solution

SIBS offer increased reliability thank to the fact that they are designed to withstand some of the toughest conditions on the planet. This means that your business will be spending less money and downtime on replacements and repairs, even after the most gruelling operations.

SIBS Produce Lower Heat Levels

The production of lower levels of heat thanks to the fact that they are wet brakes. This affords them additional durability, but also provide for safer operating conditions where it counts.

Less Maintenance Required

Because they are so durable, SIBS are an excellent choice for operations that only allow for minimal downtime. Perhaps budget or time constraints may make it difficult for you to stay on top of maintenance. With SIBS being so durable, they can provide you with the strength needed to know your brakes will continue to be reliable for an extended time.

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