Wet Brakes

Wet Brakes & Final Drives

Wet brake & Final Drives – Rebuilds, Service Exchange & Outright. Wet brakes are also commonly known as oil-cooled disk brakes. The oil applied to the systems keeps the brakes cool even under the most intense braking conditions; meaning they can be used safely under the most extreme conditions and for even longer, while providing the necessary safety and protection to both the user and the vehicle. Our Range:
  • Final Drives
  • Brake Groups
  • Centre Portions
  • Torque Converters
  • Drill Rig Brakes
We also offer all replacement parts on the entire Wet Brake Product Range. This started with the supply of Friction Plates, Steel Reaction Plates and Damper Plates to the Earthmoving and Mining Sectors. We soon realized the need for on-site rebuild kits, which would include all Brake Group Seals, Toric Seals, Plates, and Bearings. Global souring brought forth many new products from key suppliers. Keeping in mind that brakes are a safety critical item, and are often Fail-Safe in design. Brakecore stock and supply namely four (4) brand names for the friction, steel and damper plates – RAYBESTOS INC. (of USA) and MIBA FRITEC (of Austria), CARLISLE (of USA) and FMC (of UK) all are worldwide suppliers of Wet Brake Plates. Brakecore’s Wet Brake Products can be purchased in the following: loose plates, per part number, plate kit includes all plates, seal kits for the brake group. Service kit includes Toric seals & plates. Major kits include plates seal kit and Toric seals.