Brake Testing Products

Brakecore is the sole distributor of Auto Test Pty Ltd” range of state-of-the-art automotive testing & diagnostic products used by garages, workshops, regulatory authorities, and service testing stations.

AutoStop Heavy Brake Meter

MAKE SURE IT STOPS WITH AUTOSTOP! The AutoStop® Heavy Brake Meter is designed to test service and emergency brakes of heavy and slow-moving vehicles, off-road vehicles and even forklifts used in the transport and mining industries.
  • Prints an accurate test report that complies with International Standards
  • Calculates and displays average and maximum deceleration, distance to stop, test speed and the pedal force required to stop the vehicle
  • 12-month calibration interval
  • Uses AutoTest Standard Paper Pack
  • PC interface via USB and Bluetooth
AutoStop Heavy Explorer – (Included with your AutoStop® Heavy Brake Meter) EXTEND THE CAPABILITIES OF YOUR AUTOSTOP HEAVY BRAKE METER AutoStop® Heavy Explorer isa powerful fleet management and reporting software application specifically developed for use with your AutoStop Heavy Brake Meter. It’s the ideal solution for the mining and heavy vehicle industries in Australia to manage brake test records, brake test standards and calculations for fleets. The AutoStop Heavy Explorer vehicle database and brake test reporting solution offer ease of use, as well as time-saving customisation and reporting options.
  • Reports pass/fail for a fleet on a range of Australian standard or custom brake calculations
  • Allows you to choose your preferred unit of deceleration measurement
  • Stores average and peak deceleration
  • Generates individual test and vehicle test history reports
  • Customise fleet reports by company or site
  • Reports on the last test results for each vehicle at a company or site
  • Enables identification of fleet vehicles overdue or due for brake testing
  • Designed for use with AutoStop Heavy Brake Meter.

Why use the Auto Tester?

How do you assure your customer that their brakes are functioning correctly and are the brakes reliable and efficient? How do you evaluate your own fleets brakes? These testers will minimize unnecessary costs as you can keep a record of all the previous tests, and compare the lifespan/efficiency of your fleets brakes. We offer training on these brake testers. We also offer a service where our technicians come out to your premises to test your brakes.

How Brakecore Benefits by using the Auto Testers

We are guaranteed that the brakes we have overhauled are operational and in accordance to OEM specification. The printout of the tester is liable in court and complies with all standards, such as SANS 1589:2012. The test takes no longer than 5 minutes, and therefore no time is lost whilst testing brakes.

On-Site Brake Tests

Brakecore also offered onsite testing for all off-road heavy machinery.