What are disc brakes?

Disc brakes is a type of vehicle brake employing the friction of pads against a disc which is attached to the wheel. Companies have recently started replacing drum brakes as the standard for most vehicles. Contemporary vehicles use disc brakes for the front wheels, and other cars and trucks utilize disc brakes on all four wheels.

Is disc brakes better than drum brakes?

Yes, compared with disc brakes drum brakes have a few drawbacks. Drum brakes do not use up the heat as quickly, and with repeated stops, drum brakes lose power quickly. In wet conditions disc brakes also performs better than drum brakes. Drum brakes can allow moisture to collect within the brakes, and disc brakes features rotors that spin with the wheels that helps prevent water from accumalating wihtin the brakes.

How does disc brakes work?

Most vehicles disc brakes are single-piston, floating caliper brakes that has three primary components. Break pads contact the discs to slow wheel rotation, calipers contains pistons to clamp the discs and to push the pads, and rotors are mounted to the wheel hubs and rotates with the wheels. In motor vehicles, disc brakes presses against the rotor and transmits the force hydraulically. The friction between the pads and the disc is what slows