You may think that the drum break is a little complicated and maybe quite intimidating when open, but don’t fret, we’ll break it down for you…. (Break – brake… get it?) Drum brakes are named because of the round drum that comprises part of the wheel housing. Although open from the backside, from the front the large cylinder resembles a drum. Like the disc brake, the drum brake has two brake shoes and a piston. But the drum brake also has an adjuster mechanism, an emergency brake mechanism and lots of springs. They are similar to disc brakes in the fact that they are designed to help the vehicle stop quickly and safely. They have several features that make them unique. There are many components to a drum braking systems, namely:
  1. Backing Plate
  2. Brake Drum
  3. Wheel Cylinder
  4. Brake Shoe
  5. Automatic Adjuster
Now that we know the components, let’s find out how they work together. The driver applies pressure to the brake pedal inside the vehicle, which sends hydraulic pressure from the master cylinder to the pistons. The master cylinder is the main component of the braking system and is different from the wheel cylinder which operates only one brake.   The pistons are pushed towards the shoes, which presses them against the drum. This forces the vehicle to stop. When the driver removes his or her foot from the brake pedal, the springs cause the shoes to go back into place. They do not move very far away unless the components are worn. When this happens, the driver will have to press the brakes down farther to release enough fluid to travel to the pistons. Drum brakes do get worn down over time, therefore it is quite important to replace them when it is required. Advantages of using drum brakes:
  • Low drag
  • Drum brakes cost less to manufacture therefore are cheaper to purchase
  • The maintenance is easier
  • You can use them with disc brakes
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