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Fail – Safe Brake System

The Sealed Integrated Braking System SIBS is a unique world-class product leading the way in brake technology. SIBS is a fully enclosed, single-rotor, high speed ‘wet’ disc brake that has greater reliability than standard brakes and operates in the harshest of conditions with virtually no need for maintenance or reconditioning.




SIBS is designed to operate in the toughest conditions on the planet. SIBS Technology provides a safer operating environment for vehicles from underground mining to high speed on the open road, to towing heavy loads. Being fully sealed has the additional benefit of producing no harmful emissions, making SIBS brakes environmentally sustainable.

Zero Emissions

Increased Reliability

Lower Maintenance

Failsafe Emergency Brake Options


The brake caliper, providing the braking force, is extended to enclose the disc. This makes up the housing. The housing is split around the disc into inner and outer portions.

The inner housing is mounted to the axle end. The pads, disc and hub are installed; and the outer housing is fitted to complete the assembly and enclose the brake components. At this point, SIBS® cooling fluid is added to the housing. 

SIBS® cooling fluid is a specially selected oil that provides a path to conduct the heat from the brake disc to the housing. This enables the heat to then be rejected from the housing to the surrounding air, controlling the operating temperature of the system. 

SIBS® Technology covers both service and park brakes and can be applied to a wide range of range of braking solutions to suit the diverse conditions you operate in