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Wet Brakes

Wet Brakes Parts | Complete wheel Stations | Brake Groups & Center Portions

All rebuilt components are done to OEM Specifications and certified accordingly.

CAT 994 Complete Axles

CAT D10 Final Drive

Komatsu 785-5 Wheel Station

Komatsu 785-7 Front Suspension Cylinders

Industrial Clutches, Brakes & PTO (WPT)

Industrial Brakes | Industrial Clutches | Engine-Driven Products | Winches & Hoist

Brakecore Supply Company takes pride in being the sole distributor for WPT Power in Africa. We have on offer a vast product range of industrial clutches, brakes, engine-driven products, winches & hoists.

Brakes & Clutches

Brake Linings | Disc Brake Pads | Relining | riveting | Bonding | Oil-Immersed Brakes, Clutches & Transmissions | Brake Drums, Discs & Flywheels

Brakecore carries a wide range of products for commercial and off Highway vehicles. Brakecore can offer a wide range of spares & components for all customer needs. We only supply OEM approved products as we believe brakes are a safety critical item, this ensures that all our products are tested and approved only by the highest set standards

Clutch Facings

Brake Bands

Carbon Metallic

Disc Brake Pads

Brake Linings

Radiators & Oil Coolers Fuel Tanks & Heat Exchange

Radiators | Heater Radiators | Fuel Tanks | Aircon Condenser | Copper Cores | Mesabi Radiators | Oil Cooler | Transmission Coolers

Brakecore Supply Co. also stock and distribute a full range of oil coolers, transmission coolers, tube and shell heat exchangers, radiator shutters and accessories. From Light to Heavy duty vehicles. Including all on-road and off-road vehicles.

Inter Cooler


Fuel Tanks

Oil Cooler

Cooling System

Fail – Safe Brake System

Brakecore is a distributor for ABT – Advanced Braking Technology in South Africa.


Zero Emissions

Increased Reliability

Lower Maintenance

Failsafe Emergency Brake Options

Air Brakes & Dry Brakes

Earthmoving Calipers | park Brake Calipers | MERITOR Calipers | DXP Park brake Caliper | Trailer Spares | Brake Boosters & more

Brakecore is a trusted provider of high-quality automotive components, specializing in Air Brakes and Axle & Trailer Parts. They cater to the transportation industry, offering efficient braking systems for various vehicles. Brakecore’s Axle and trailer Parts include a wide selection of durable components for trailers and heavy-duty vehicles. 

All Earthmoving Equipment

Meritor Caliper

Park Brakes

Rotor Chambers

Brake Booster

AutoTest brake testing

Brakecore is the sole distributor for Autotest in Africa. Autotest Brake Testers meet all specifications from the South African DMRE

Brakecore offers different options to accommodate our customers for Brake tester training. Training is both theoretical and practical. Each trainee will receive a manual, examination paper and a certificate upon successful completion.

Heavy Duty Tester

Hand Held Tester

Workshop Pro 10


Undercarriage & Ground Engaging

Undercarriage Components | Tracks & Track Frame Components | Ground Engaging Tools

Brakecore Supply Company specialises in locally sourcing and importing of carbon steel, alloy steel, gray steel, stainless steel and ductile iron manufactured precision undercarriage parts and ground engaging tools as per customer requirements.


Track Rollers

Sprockets & Segments

Track Frames

Ground Engaging