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Brakes & Clutches

Brake Linings | Disc Brake Pads | Relining | riveting | Bonding | Oil-Immersed Brakes, Clutches & Transmissions | Brake Drums, Discs & Flywheels

Brakecore carries a wide range of products for commercial and off Highway vehicles. Brakecore can offer a wide range of spares & components for all customer needs. We only supply OEM approved products as we believe brakes are a safety critical item, this ensures that all our products are tested and approved only by the highest set standards

Brake Linings

Disc Brake Pads

Clutch Facings

Flat Sheetings

Roll Linings

Gear Cuts’

Other Miscellaneous Shapes



Oil-Immersed Brakes

Powershift Transmission

Clutches & Forward/ Reverse Clutches

Skimming of Flywheels

Skimming of Brake Discs

Skimming of Brake Drums


Disk Brake Pad

Clutch Facings

Brake Linings